Swim Lessons

After stopping my swim lessons with Coach Annabelle for about a year, Daddy Mummy found me a coach so i could swim at our condo pool.

Into 4 lessons with Coach Nadya, i love swimming lessons.  Coach taught me how to blow bubbles like a puffer fish and to kick my legs.  The best part of swimming class is that i get to play with Sam before/after class.


Start of PC Training

I enjoy PC training more than being in Orange group – i get to swim in the water polo pool, the training’s more challenging and the coach starts to correct my strokes so i can swim more efficiently.  Most importantly, i get a set of flippers which i can use in my training.  So cool.

Midget Race 2017

This is my second midget race. The first one last year, i only took part in the 25m freestyle kick, but this time, i signed up for 3 events. Did the freestyle as well as the backstroke.

I didn’t win any medals but i had a good experience, the best being i improved by close to 10 seconds from my previous race.

And best news of this year for swimming – i got promoted to the PC group 🙂