Cold Storage Kids Run

It’s my first run and I was really excited.  Though Sam has taken part in a number of runs and probably, this would be his 3rd Cold Storage Kids Run, this was going to be his first 800m competitive run.

We woke up really early on Sunday and Daddy drove us all to Sentosa Beach Station.  Daddy Mummy met a few friends who were there for the race as well.   800m seems so long …i walked and ran but the finish line seemed so far away.  Daddy Mummy encouraged me to persevere and i finished the race by myself.  And my reward – my first medal from a run 🙂

Thank you Sam for running with me even though you already ran 800m earlier.

A day later, we got Sam’s results.  He finished running in 5 min 9 sec, coming in 190th out of 322nd position.  Hurray Sam.


We made it here – Finally

Daddy and Mummy always wanted to bring me to the stadium for a run. Just so that i know what 800m is and also in preparation for the Cold Storage Run. So here we are – the whole family at Bedok Stadium on a public holiday for a morning run. In a few weeks, repair works will begin at stadium as the track is really in bad shape.

I ran a few rounds, with Dad and Mum, while Yang walked most of the time. It was probably a very warm morning, so Yang was kinda tired after walking one round.

I love running and i think i will be able to run well for my first competitive race.

Hope to do more runs as a family