Kidzania Again

It’s school holidays and what better place to have a family outing than going to Kidzania.  The last time Samuel fell ill when we went to Kidzania and Daddy wasn’t able to join us, so this time…Sam suggested that we go to Kidzania again.

We reached there just a little past the opening time (10am) and we stayed all the way till near closing time (6pm).

Samuel did a total of 17 jobs today and with the other stamps he got from the previous 2 visits, he managed to upgrade his citizen passport to the distinguished passport.  He also got his driving license today as well as his insurance from AIA for his first wall climbing activity.

For me, this was my third visit to Kidzania and today, DM decided to get me a citizen passport.  I did a total of 13 jobs today (a lot more than my previous 2 visits of 4 jobs) and some were totally new for me.  For example, it was my first time being a pilot, kitchen assistant, a tourist, a shopper in 7-11, window washer and learning to make milk and taking care of babies.  To mark my first pilot job, Daddy made a tag for me too.

It was a whole lot of fun with Daddy Mummy and Samuel with me.  I love kidzania.



Kidzania Outing

I didn’t have school today as it was sports day so Yang came with me and my friends Axel and Lucas to Kidzania.  I was so so looking forward to going again after Dad brought me the last time.  Mum was also happy to bring Yang again so we could play together and because the last time Yang went with is school, he could only manage 3 jobs.

However the day we went there were also many school groups.  And after lunch, i suddenly felt very unwell and we had to cut short our play time so i could get home to rest.

Went to the doctor in the evening and realised that maybe its going to be my first experience with HFMD 😦


Yang’s school organised an outing to Kidzania and because Mum was on leave, she accompanied him to the outing.  Heard from Mum that Yang got to do only 3 jobs – courier service, water quality assurance specialist and BBQ Bah Kua Chef

Looking forward to going to Kidzania one day with Yang