HGK Graduation

28 Oct

It’s HGK’s graduation ceremony and this will be my last one as well before moving on to Pat’s schoolhouse in 2018.  My classmates and I will be involved in a song and dance item.  It was a good concert and I was glad that the whole family turned up to support me.  Samuel had a good time catching up with his old classmates too.  He was playing catching all around the school.

That evening, we went to Aunty Eileen’s and Uncle Collin’s wedding.  We were all dressed up in our best.  Samuel in his tie and coat, while I had a bow tie.  It was a long and tiring day but I was glad to have my afternoon nap so I could last the evening.  I’m truly a big boy now!


Parent’s Day @ Holy Grace

As an annual event in Holy Grace, the school organised a morning of celebrations for us students to appreciate our Daddies Mummies.

Dad came last year, but this year he was at work so only Mum came.

We performed a song and thereafter the school organised a carnival – it was fun, i got myself a tatoo and won some prizes at the game stalls.