Mummy’s Birthday

Today we celebrate another birthday. Mummy’s!!! Mum turns 39 this year and we had a very simple celebration at home with a nice chocolate cake which Dad got. We played a game of “Who knows Mummy Best” and no prizes for guessing who won.  Daddy 🙂 and i came in 2nd.

We continued our celebration on Saturday with High Tea at Marriott and we bought Mum a gift from Bodum.


NDP 2017

We didn’t get tickets to the actual NDP despite the many ballot chances used so we could only plan for something else.  Mum suggested that we head down to MBS to watch the Red Lions, Drone display and fireworks.  We parked at Old Airport Road and took the circle line down to MBS.  The crowds were an indication of what was to come.  Crazy crowds even at 4pm.  We first had a nice tea break at TWG then we moved outdoors just in time to catch the red lions descending onto the tarmac.  We got a glimpse of F15 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and the Chinook with the National Flag.  The loud booming of the 21 gun salute followed and then we moved indoors because the rest of the segment would only begin much later. Dad got us dinner at Imperial Treasure while Yang, Mum and I went to Hamleys where I got a present for Caleb.

We went out doors again and by then the crowds had swelled to nearly twice the number in the evening.  We had to eat while seated on the ground and when the fireworks came on it was rather spectacular!  I loved the drones portion too especially the one where they had the Merlion spouting out water.  Looking forward to NDP2018

June Holiday Adventures

We had a very eventful June Holidays. Besides going on a 2 week holiday to Japan, we had the rest of the holidays filled with interesting activities. Look at all the fun we had.

Japan- Osaka, Kyoto (8- 21 June)

8 June – Day 1

On board flight SQ 616 for Osaka. We got to the airport in 2 cabs and checked in early so we could spend time playing at the playground and grabbing a quick bite. We even had time to take the sky train and yang was happy with that. The flight took 5h 30 mins and It seemed pretty quick with our meals, screen time and reading. When we arrived, yang was happy to be able to take the sky train… we had dinner at the airport – a quick beef rice from Yoshiya then we checked into hotel Niko Kansai. I was so tired I fell asleep almost immediately after my bath.

9 june- Day 2

We started the day late with us waking up close to 10. We had a long day yesterday so it’s understandable why we all couldn’t start earlier. We had brunch (Niku udon) at airport restuarant and then took the shuttle bus to Rinku premium outlets. DM bought lots of stuff from Gap and Nike and we also checked out yang and my fav store – LEGO.  We spent about 3h shopping 🙂 we then took the airport limousine bus and train to our next accommodation – My Stays Otamae. A 2 bed room place with a living room and kitchenette, this will be our home for the next 6 days. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant – beef, yakitori, grilled fish. Tonight yang and I will be sleeping together

10 June – Day 3

We had breakfast in our room then we headed to the Osaka castle. The castle was about 20-30 mins walk from our hotel so we headed there and spent a good 2h checking out the castle. A lot of history revolving around the castle including the life of Hideyodhi Toyotomi – the person who built Osaka castle and unified the nation to be checked out on the 8 levels. We couldn’t have the stroller inside so Cal did well by climbing up the flights of stairs and walking throughout. On the 8th floor, we were treated to a panaromic view of the city 50m above ground. After the museum we treated ourselves to some ice cream , hot dog and corn.

Next destination was Hard Rock Cafe Osaka where dad waned to get some souvenirs. We had a late lunch there – I shared mums salad, dad’s burger and yang’s mac and cheese. We took the train thereafter to Namba ; we checked out loft and I had some play time at takashimaya toy section. We also went supermarket shopping. Dinner was at this small restaurant located inside the Supermarket- it was a 5 seater restaurant so with 4 of us we had the whole place to ourselves while we had our beef sukiyaki. Lovely dinner and day as we ended off with a train ride home











11 June – Day 4

Yang woke up very early today, at 6am – all because it was already very bright at 6. I woke up close to 7, and dad made us breakfast. After breakfast we traveled on the trainer Kaiyuan aquarium. However we were enticed by the huge ferries wheel (Tempozan Grand Ferris wheel) and decided to give that a try. We didn’t want to queue so we went for the normal gondola instead of the one with the glass bottom. At its highest, we were 112.5m above ground.

After the ride we chanced upon a petting zoo and we decided to pay our entry into the mini Park area. Yang and I got to feed the bunnies, baby kangaroos,  alpacas… n we got to pat little kittens and puppies too. It was also our first time being so close to crawling tortoises and iguanas. It was a short but meaningful experience. We had lunch at the food court of the mall and after finishing my beef udon , I treated myself to a scoop of orange sherbet from BR.

Headed to the aquarium and we probably spent a good 2h inside. Lots of sea creatures to look at as we walked through the tunnels viewing the marine animals in the tanks.  Besides dolphins, seals, sharks, crabs and countless species of fishes, we also got to view the penguins being fed. Before exiting, we got to touch some of the fishes in the touch pool. When we were about to leave, dad realized that yang lost the lanyard with our train card. Thank God someone found and returned it- so we managed to get it back.

Made our way to Dotonburi to meet Uncle Zac and Auntie Jenny for dinner. Poor yang was so tired he fell asleep so he missed the lovely dinner we had- grilled matsusaka beef. After dinner yang woke up so we checked out the streets and took some photos at the iconic places.

That basically sums up our day as we headed back to hotel, with our stomachs full and grateful hearts and some Lord stows egg tarts in our hands.

Yang bought a new bus too from the aquarium shop and sad to say I accidentally damaged one of the doors. I thought yang would be furious as anyone would be, but thank God he was kind enough to forgive me without a hint of being upset. Love u yang

12 June- Day 5

We woke up a little later today and had brunch in the room. Home cooked pasta with tomato, beef and egg, that was delicious. We headed out for Nara deer park around 1pm and as usual, we boys enjoyed the longer train ride. We arrived close to 3 and headed towards the park in search of the much sought after deer.


Went back to the namba area and walked around the streets, trying out street food and shopping at ebisubashi-suji shopping street and the shinsaibashsuji shopping arcade. We chanced upon pablo and of course DM bought one for us to try.

Dinner was at a restaurant at doronburi. DM had sushi and yang and I the kids meal udon with chawanmushi. I had a sushi too. This year I learnt to eat sashimi and I really enjoy it as well.  DM bought some takoyaki balls and that summed up our night.

13 June – Day 6

We woke up earlier than usual and after breakfast in the room we headed out towards Universal Studios. It’s a good thing Cal is 3, so he didn’t need a ticket. We spent close to 7-8 hours at the park, exploring the various worlds and trying various rides. The first thing we did was to take pictures with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Shrek. And we def wanted to get our hands on the minion popcorn holder.  Our first ride was the Spider-Man and yang got scared halfway…we checked out minion world too but the queue for rode was too long and we ended up taking picture with minion instead. Went for Backdraft show and had lunch at nearby pizzeria cafe. Today I learnt I kinda like salami pizza 🙂

After lunch we went to Sesame Street and yang had fun with the carousel and cars. Me too. Dad found an indoor area and we had a boat ride in there too. It was more of a play ground for little ones so yang spent his time there while Dad and I went for the jaws ride. Last stop was checking out harry potters world and on the wah yang fell asleep. Dad and I managed to squeeze in one more ride while mum caught a magic show.

It’s a pity that I didn’t get to try the minion ride. By the time we got there it was already closed. Stayed past park closing at 7pm and like any tourist, our last stop was of course the shop.

Had dinner at this udon shop just outside the park – kineya mugimaru. Quick dinner before we headed back on our 1h journey back. Long day but great fun.

14 June- Day 7

We couldn’t sleep in today Cz it was check out day. Check out time was at 11 and we certainly didn’t want to be late risking paying a penalty. Had a quick breakfast in the room before we made our way by train and bus to Arima onsen. Thank God the hotel had a shuttle to bring us and our luggage to our hotel which was up the hill.

Our room #508 was beautiful. DM said it cost about $800 per night. We had a massage chair in the room and lots of space for us the kids. We were too early for check in at 3, so we went to explore the neighbourhood with the hopes of finding lunch. However most of the shops were closed so DM had some street food ( cheese fish cake) and thank God we found a restaurant at the station selling beef rice and udon. That was lunch for us.

During our walk we also bought crackers which are supposedly quite famous in arima onsen area.

Checked into our room and the boys went for our first onsen while mum rested in room. After a full course dinner served in the room, we went for our second round of onsen. Love this place

15 June – Day 8

We had to wake early today Cz breakfast is at 8. When we arrived at 8, the Japanese breakfast was already laid out on the table all ready for us to start eating 🙂 after a quick breakfast, we had our third onsen experience… this time they swooped the ladies and gents so mum got to experience the 5 pools we soaked in last night.

Checked out of hotel and we went to the train station, headed for sannomiya where we had our first love beef lunch at koubegyuu. This was my best lunch ever and I would rate it infintity/ 10. Yummy 🙂 we changed our plans from taking the Shinkansen to the JR as it was more economical and we headed for Kyoto prefecture – the next place we would spend the next 4 days.

Arrived at JR Kyoto station and thank God we found the hotel pretty easily. We got a really small room just behind the counter and Luke the receptionist said the walls are thin and not exactly sound proof so we could hear every conversation going on between people checking in and out. Nevertheless we managed an afternoon nap as everyone was tired….woke up at about 630 and we headed out for dinner. After some supermarket shopping and train buying for yang, we settled in at Pastamore for dinner. Mum had the nicest pasta followed by dad, then mine. Went back to hotel and we called it a day.

16 June- Day 9

We woke up and went to hoshino coffee for breakfast. We had French toast and soufflés. Took the train to arashiyama and checked out the bamboo grove. Weather was hot but it was very shady once we got to the grove. Lovely photo taking spot.

We then headed backwards to the train station and made a stopover at the petrol kiosk where we had drinks and snacks. Headed to Inari station to check out the inari fushimi shrine. We walked past the many tori gates – it was an interesting sight. Before we left, we had some snacks from the stalls- orange juice, stick of beef, potato and ice cream 🙂 spent the rest of the afternoon checking out isetan. DM bought new shoes for us and we also had dinner at a nearby jap restaurant ( after we realised the one at food market was closed and the restaurant upstairs had a 1h waiting time). We had beef udon again for dinner and dad had Katsu don. Yang was really sad he din get to buy his egg Cz the shop was closed but yes DM promised he will get it tmr morning 🙂

17 June- Day 10

Woke up, had breakfast in room and as promised we set off with the first task of buying yang his egg. After that we had our first bus ride in this trip to the railway museum. The railway museum is quite similar to the one I went in Tokyo … many huge train models that we could admire and take pictures of- some of which we could check out the insides as well.

“From steam locomotives to Shinkansen bullet trains, there was a wide range of trains including 53 important railway vehicles and numerous railroad facilities”

I particularly enjoyed the section where I could be the train driver to control the trains. We didn’t manage to get the ballot for the train driver simulator so after lunch at the cafe we went to watch the railway diorama. I also enjoyed the hands on activities involving ticketing and role playing as train drivers. Before we left, dad and i also tried cycling on the railway.

We spent the late afternoon in Isetan buying things and headed to a restaurant near our hotel for dinner. The roast beef and grilled chicken was good.

After dinner we headed to the kimono forest. It was not v big, but it was beautiful. And we got to take the trains back… a different kind of train (only one carriage) and I got to watch the train driver. Long day but certainly a great one.

18 June – Day 11

Checked out of ebitsu ryokan and we had breakfast at the M. Slow unhurried breakfast before we headed for train back to Osaka. Yang bought eggs again today and so did mum. And because they didn’t get what they wanted, dad and I went to get another 2.  I got a train track set and dad managed to get the elusive wally.

We unfortunately realised that the staff mistakenly took the thomson towel by mistake and yang left his orange train in the room. We decided not to go back for it. On the way to Osaka, mum got an email to say that they found the items and would mail it to hotel New Hankyu.

We checked into our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping around the area visiting many malls and getting all sorts of presents. It’s Father’s Day today and we celebrated with daddy with a special dinner at Gyu Kaku. Although a short walk from our hotel, we kinda took long turns and walks but it was probably what we needed to burn off all those food.

19 June – Day 12

We all slept in a little this morning. We headed to a secret shop somewhere in another mall to find that mum wanted to look for her favourite bag. Dad bought mum some bags and yang also got the card holder, well mum loaned it to him. After which it was more shopping for things for family, neighbors and friends. We were supposed to meet Aunty Sarah and Aunty Winnie for dinner but we had too many bags so we went back to the room for a while. We headed back out to Dotonbori area and walked the streets til dinner time. I had Calbee chips freshly fried and a soft serve 🍦 ice cream with dad. Dinner was more beef shabu shabu style. To end the day, we all took the JR back to the hotel.

20 June – Day 13

Woke up and had breakfast in the room before we checked out with 9 luggages we left with the concierge. Had takoyaki balls at stall recommended by Aunty Winnie. It was good. We went for an early lunch, had beef and mum finally got a chance to eat the okonomiyaki. The beef was good; i had quite a bit. After lunch, mum managed to find the bake cheese tarts with dad’s help. We bought 6 to savour.


We then took the JR loop line to Kids plaza. Woah… it’s a cool fun place for app kids. An indoor playground featuring science concepts to imaginary play – 3h was barely enough. DM thought our family being newscasters was something very novel and fun.


Had dinner at a burger restaurant just opposite kids plaza. Burger was light and good- and the icing on the cake was def the baskin robbins icecream we had to end the meal.

Airport limousine to airport- and that marks the end of our trip

21 June – Day 14

Arrived in singapore at 5.05am and thank God for my grandparents who came to pick us. It has been a wonderful 14 days.


Kidzania Again

It’s school holidays and what better place to have a family outing than going to Kidzania.  The last time Samuel fell ill when we went to Kidzania and Daddy wasn’t able to join us, so this time…Sam suggested that we go to Kidzania again.

We reached there just a little past the opening time (10am) and we stayed all the way till near closing time (6pm).

Samuel did a total of 17 jobs today and with the other stamps he got from the previous 2 visits, he managed to upgrade his citizen passport to the distinguished passport.  He also got his driving license today as well as his insurance from AIA for his first wall climbing activity.

For me, this was my third visit to Kidzania and today, DM decided to get me a citizen passport.  I did a total of 13 jobs today (a lot more than my previous 2 visits of 4 jobs) and some were totally new for me.  For example, it was my first time being a pilot, kitchen assistant, a tourist, a shopper in 7-11, window washer and learning to make milk and taking care of babies.  To mark my first pilot job, Daddy made a tag for me too.

It was a whole lot of fun with Daddy Mummy and Samuel with me.  I love kidzania.


Ikea with Mum

Mum wanted to get some things for the home and since i didn’t have school today, I was Mum’s handy helper.

Besides enjoying the time at the children’s section, we had a wonderful lunch and went home with a new bin, new covers for our blankets and a cushion 🙂

Post written by Caleb