Mummy’s Birthday

Today we celebrate another birthday. Mummy’s!!! Mum turns 39 this year and we had a very simple celebration at home with a nice chocolate cake which Dad got. We played a game of “Who knows Mummy Best” and no prizes for guessing who won.  Daddy 🙂 and i came in 2nd.

We continued our celebration on Saturday with High Tea at Marriott and we bought Mum a gift from Bodum.


NDP 2017

We didn’t get tickets to the actual NDP despite the many ballot chances used so we could only plan for something else.  Mum suggested that we head down to MBS to watch the Red Lions, Drone display and fireworks.  We parked at Old Airport Road and took the circle line down to MBS.  The crowds were an indication of what was to come.  Crazy crowds even at 4pm.  We first had a nice tea break at TWG then we moved outdoors just in time to catch the red lions descending onto the tarmac.  We got a glimpse of F15 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and the Chinook with the National Flag.  The loud booming of the 21 gun salute followed and then we moved indoors because the rest of the segment would only begin much later. Dad got us dinner at Imperial Treasure while Yang, Mum and I went to Hamleys where I got a present for Caleb.

We went out doors again and by then the crowds had swelled to nearly twice the number in the evening.  We had to eat while seated on the ground and when the fireworks came on it was rather spectacular!  I loved the drones portion too especially the one where they had the Merlion spouting out water.  Looking forward to NDP2018

June Holiday Adventures

We had a very eventful June Holidays. Besides going on a 2 week holiday to Japan, we had the rest of the holidays filled with interesting activities. Look at all the fun we had.

Kidzania Again

It’s school holidays and what better place to have a family outing than going to Kidzania.  The last time Samuel fell ill when we went to Kidzania and Daddy wasn’t able to join us, so this time…Sam suggested that we go to Kidzania again.

We reached there just a little past the opening time (10am) and we stayed all the way till near closing time (6pm).

Samuel did a total of 17 jobs today and with the other stamps he got from the previous 2 visits, he managed to upgrade his citizen passport to the distinguished passport.  He also got his driving license today as well as his insurance from AIA for his first wall climbing activity.

For me, this was my third visit to Kidzania and today, DM decided to get me a citizen passport.  I did a total of 13 jobs today (a lot more than my previous 2 visits of 4 jobs) and some were totally new for me.  For example, it was my first time being a pilot, kitchen assistant, a tourist, a shopper in 7-11, window washer and learning to make milk and taking care of babies.  To mark my first pilot job, Daddy made a tag for me too.

It was a whole lot of fun with Daddy Mummy and Samuel with me.  I love kidzania.


Ikea with Mum

Mum wanted to get some things for the home and since i didn’t have school today, I was Mum’s handy helper.

Besides enjoying the time at the children’s section, we had a wonderful lunch and went home with a new bin, new covers for our blankets and a cushion 🙂

Post written by Caleb