Meet the Parents Day

It was Parent Teacher Meeting Day, so I got the day off from school.  After sending Yang to school and saying Hello to my teachers at Holy Grace, Mum and I went to ECP for breakfast and cycling.  It was truly an adventure as it started to rain as we were heading back.  We sought shelter but after some time, Mum said we had to leave as we had to fetch Yang from school – so we pedaled as fast as we could in the rain back to the kiosk to return the bike.  I was all wet at the end – thank God for His protection and the good time i had this morning

During Meet the Parents, Daddy Mummy met Ms Lee and Wang Lao Shi.  Ms Lee said i was coping well in school and Wang Lao Shi said i did well as group leader in Chinese.  We are all work in progress, so there will be areas that i would need to continue working on.

We spent the afternoon meeting up Mum’s friends at Hatter’s Cafe and I got to meet Janine.  Look at the fun we had.