Wedding Anniversary

It was DM’s 13th wedding anniversary and DM said we were going to celebrate as a family by going to one of our fav places – airport.

On the actual day, Dad and Mum were going to celebrate over dinner – so we boys are going to have lots of fun at our sleepover.


Mother’s Day

This year, we celebrated Mother’s Day with steamboat at home on Saturday and we invited 婆婆 to our place. Then on Sun we celebrated with Pak Mei and Ah Ma as well. After church, we went for lunch at 一点心. We had a lovely lunch and Caleb and I gave roses to all the mummies. After that, Mummy suggested that we had some ice cream – so we treated ourselves to some gelato.

Beyond the meals and celebrations, Yang and I are blessed by the love of mummy and our grandmothers.
Thank God for them.

Valentine’s Dinner

Dad and Mum said they wanted to have a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day and Mum asked if it was ok that we stay at home while the parents have their dinner celebration. I suggested we have dinner together at home, so here’s what came out of it.  Our first candle light dinner as a family, complete with scrumptious steak and sparkling wine, piped music and a live violinist.

DM taught us that we celebrate Valentines coz we wanted to show love to the people that matter to us and we can love because God first loved us.