Yang @ the Clinic

Poor Yang, i think he caught the bug and came down with stomach flu.  Here’s his first visit to the nearby clinic near our place.



1st March

It’s March and what a way to begin the month with me not needing to be in school.  Going to taking my grade 2 piano exam today and after that it’s play time for yang and i.  Yang doesn’t need to be in school too because its school holidays after his excursion yesterday.

Mum says she is happy with the preparation i have put in for this exam. She says regardless of the results, she thinks I have put in my best effort in practising.  In the last week, we had piano almost every night and for the past 2-3 weeks, i have been doing my 3 a day sight reading.  So will just give my best effort and hope for a distinction – so i can get my 2 coupons:)

After exam, we headed to this indoor playground – the only shop that was open at that time of the morning.  It’s a little like “The City” – its pretend play at a few areas (garden, kitchen, castle, ocean).  But we love the garden station the most.  Spent most of our time scooping soil and pouring it out and for me – harvesting my pumpkins.

Great day out for us.


Yang’s school organised an outing to Kidzania and because Mum was on leave, she accompanied him to the outing.  Heard from Mum that Yang got to do only 3 jobs – courier service, water quality assurance specialist and BBQ Bah Kua Chef

Looking forward to going to Kidzania one day with Yang

Making Soya Bean

Mum was out for the evening meeting up with friends.  So what would 3 men do at home?  Make soya bean of course!

The beans were purchased from the market a week ago and after spending nearly hours cooking the beans and allowing them to cool down, the grinding process could finally begin.  1 part of bean to 1 part of water was the instructions.  But even with the KUVIN’s slow juicer, the process was not as easy as it seems.  The soya milk extracted was full of powder and because we didn’t have the proper sieves, our eventual soya milk was still very full or residue.  So dad allowed it to settle before taking the top most part to heat up and sweetened.  It was a good first experience but definitely room for improvement going on.



Valentine’s Dinner

Dad and Mum said they wanted to have a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day and Mum asked if it was ok that we stay at home while the parents have their dinner celebration. I suggested we have dinner together at home, so here’s what came out of it.  Our first candle light dinner as a family, complete with scrumptious steak and sparkling wine, piped music and a live violinist.

DM taught us that we celebrate Valentines coz we wanted to show love to the people that matter to us and we can love because God first loved us.

Midget Race 2017

This is my second midget race. The first one last year, i only took part in the 25m freestyle kick, but this time, i signed up for 3 events. Did the freestyle as well as the backstroke.

I didn’t win any medals but i had a good experience, the best being i improved by close to 10 seconds from my previous race.

And best news of this year for swimming – i got promoted to the PC group 🙂