All in a week’s work

Since i entered Primary school, i have dropped my afternoon nap.  And my afternoons have been busy.  School usually ends at 1.40 on most days and then its either table tennis, piano or swimming for me.

Mummy asked me last week if i really liked table tennis, i told her “i love it”.  Maybe its the exposure since i was 5 or maybe i can see myself improving bit by bit that i dont mind rushing down after school for training.

At school, I’ve been tasked by Ms Lee to bring the attendance to office and close the door after school.  At home, i have chores and responsibilities as well.  Mummy and Daddy hope that these will teach me to be a responsible person.

Caleb @ Jan 2017

While i always fight with Caleb especially when it comes to toys, but this brother of mine is such a sweet gem.  In the morning when he goes and gets the Vitamin C, he’ll always remember to take one for me.  Sometimes he volunteers to make my milk as well when he makes his.


I am so happy that at the start of this year, he has picked up an interest in skate scootering every since he saw me on one.


And as he started N2, he has also succeeded in staying dry most of the time in school. Now that mum sends him to school, he is usually early and eats breakfast in school.  On good days, he gets to play at the playground too.


Caleb and i have been sharing a room sine we moved into Archipelago.  His favourtie bed time story: “The Three Little Pigs Take an MRT Train”


Dental Visits

In December while in Hokkaido, mum noticed that my right molar was growing out. We decided to get it checked out because there was some bleeding.  We decided to visit the nearest dentist and when we got there, the dentist was surprised that i didn’t cry and that i wasn’t scared when she was polishing my teeth.  She was also happy to hear that i brushed my teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush.  To date, i have 2 adult teeth and waiting for my front adult tooth to grow out and 2 teeth with tooth fairy (the first lower incisor that dropped was lost).

img_3276 img_3277


This is the post excerpt.

It’s 2017 and Mummy thinks we will start a new blog to document our journey as a family for this year.

This year is a special year for us cz while Dad is back at work, Mum is on leave this period and staying home with Caleb and I.  Yang goes to N2 this year and he is in N2 Patience.  For me, i am going to be in Primary One.

It’s exciting to start the year in a new school, with new friends and teachers – in a big school where get to buy food for recess.

I enjoy school even though the hours are a little longer than Kindergarten, besides getting to choose what i want to eat from the canteen for recess, I get a snack break at 12 where I get my fav sandwich with jam and cheese.  School starts at 7.25 so our schedule has been adjusted to allow for me to skip my afternoon nap (which I don’t need) and to hit the bed by 8.30pm.

In primary school parents are not allowed to go into the school except the first 2 days so after dad drops me off, I walk into school by myself and meet Mum after school at Gate 4.  3 days a week after school I have table tennis training and the other day I have music/swimming. That seems like a really busy week for me, but I think it’s going to be fun,

For Yang, he gets to go out on afterschool dates with mum just like this one.

shopping with mum
shopping with mum

Also, in the evenings when we can, we get to go for water play as well.

water play time
water play time

Looking forward to a great 2017.