It’s February!!!

1st Feb – we start school again after CNY.  For me, i have a full day of school and it was definitely difficult to try to wake early again after 4 days of holidays.

For Yang, good for him that he only has school from 0830 – 1000 cz its celebrations.  So here’s pics to show our day – filled with activities and lots of fun.



Chinese New Year is something we kids always look forward to. There’s lots of visiting, feasting, yummy snacks, people to play with and of course red packets.

This year, CNY celebrations were long and over the weekend.  As usual it starts with reunion dinner at Ah Gong’s.  The next morning was the usual gathering.  We set off late morning and arrived at Grandpa’s.  Both Samuel and I were decked out in our yellow chicken outfits.. And I got my golden rooster to store the 2 mandarin oranges.  The whole day was about eating, collecting red packets and the mandatory photo with the extended family.

The next day, we went visiting to 婆婆 and 姨婆’s.  The usual places at Bedok Reservoir & then to Toa Payoh where I got to see the gerbils again!




Time at Home

Now that Mum is on leave and Dad doesn;t need to go to NTU at night, we spend a lot more time at home as a family.
And look at all the fun we have.

After school @1.40

At dismissal, mum usually waits at Gate 4.  But look today, i have a surprise for samuel at dismissal…after our MRT outing to Simei, Mum brought me to the playground before we went to fetch 哥哥。

#Post written by Caleb