Waffles @ Archipelago

First time making waffles at home after Dad got the waffle maker.  Although we didn’t have the baking powder nor the pandan extract, mum made a wonderfully smelling waffle that we all shared together with a scoop of sea salt gula melaka ice cream from Creamier.  As you can see, both Caleb and I are salivating and can’t wait to start munching on it!


Kidzania Again

It’s school holidays and what better place to have a family outing than going to Kidzania.  The last time Samuel fell ill when we went to Kidzania and Daddy wasn’t able to join us, so this time…Sam suggested that we go to Kidzania again.

We reached there just a little past the opening time (10am) and we stayed all the way till near closing time (6pm).

Samuel did a total of 17 jobs today and with the other stamps he got from the previous 2 visits, he managed to upgrade his citizen passport to the distinguished passport.  He also got his driving license today as well as his insurance from AIA for his first wall climbing activity.

For me, this was my third visit to Kidzania and today, DM decided to get me a citizen passport.  I did a total of 13 jobs today (a lot more than my previous 2 visits of 4 jobs) and some were totally new for me.  For example, it was my first time being a pilot, kitchen assistant, a tourist, a shopper in 7-11, window washer and learning to make milk and taking care of babies.  To mark my first pilot job, Daddy made a tag for me too.

It was a whole lot of fun with Daddy Mummy and Samuel with me.  I love kidzania.


Swim Lessons

After stopping my swim lessons with Coach Annabelle for about a year, Daddy Mummy found me a coach so i could swim at our condo pool.

Into 4 lessons with Coach Nadya, i love swimming lessons.  Coach taught me how to blow bubbles like a puffer fish and to kick my legs.  The best part of swimming class is that i get to play with Sam before/after class.

Cold Storage Kids Run

It’s my first run and I was really excited.  Though Sam has taken part in a number of runs and probably, this would be his 3rd Cold Storage Kids Run, this was going to be his first 800m competitive run.

We woke up really early on Sunday and Daddy drove us all to Sentosa Beach Station.  Daddy Mummy met a few friends who were there for the race as well.   800m seems so long …i walked and ran but the finish line seemed so far away.  Daddy Mummy encouraged me to persevere and i finished the race by myself.  And my reward – my first medal from a run 🙂

Thank you Sam for running with me even though you already ran 800m earlier.

A day later, we got Sam’s results.  He finished running in 5 min 9 sec, coming in 190th out of 322nd position.  Hurray Sam.

Parent’s Day @ Holy Grace

As an annual event in Holy Grace, the school organised a morning of celebrations for us students to appreciate our Daddies Mummies.

Dad came last year, but this year he was at work so only Mum came.

We performed a song and thereafter the school organised a carnival – it was fun, i got myself a tatoo and won some prizes at the game stalls.

Meet the Parents Day

It was Parent Teacher Meeting Day, so I got the day off from school.  After sending Yang to school and saying Hello to my teachers at Holy Grace, Mum and I went to ECP for breakfast and cycling.  It was truly an adventure as it started to rain as we were heading back.  We sought shelter but after some time, Mum said we had to leave as we had to fetch Yang from school – so we pedaled as fast as we could in the rain back to the kiosk to return the bike.  I was all wet at the end – thank God for His protection and the good time i had this morning

During Meet the Parents, Daddy Mummy met Ms Lee and Wang Lao Shi.  Ms Lee said i was coping well in school and Wang Lao Shi said i did well as group leader in Chinese.  We are all work in progress, so there will be areas that i would need to continue working on.

We spent the afternoon meeting up Mum’s friends at Hatter’s Cafe and I got to meet Janine.  Look at the fun we had.