Mummy’s Birthday

Today we celebrate another birthday. Mummy’s!!! Mum turns 39 this year and we had a very simple celebration at home with a nice chocolate cake which Dad got. We played a game of “Who knows Mummy Best” and no prizes for guessing who won.  Daddy 🙂 and i came in 2nd.

We continued our celebration on Saturday with High Tea at Marriott and we bought Mum a gift from Bodum.


Terminal 4 Open House

The 3 day holiday ended with a visit to the to-be-open Terminal 4, the newest terminal at Changi Airport.  Knowing that we love going to the airport, Mum got us 4 tickets to the open house.  We arrived to meet many of Mum’s and Dad’s friends. Uncle Koi Chin, Auntie Colleen and Uncle Wei Te.  Touring both the outside and inside of the terminal, we got to try out things such as tagging the luggage (self-check) and to view the inner terminal area such as the departure and arrival halls.  A pity we didn’t get the mystery prize.  Before we met 婆婆  and Oscar together with Aunty Anne for dinner, we did the mandatory skytrain rides and played at the slides.  We were both so tired at the end of the day that we certainly slept well that night.

NDP 2017

We didn’t get tickets to the actual NDP despite the many ballot chances used so we could only plan for something else.  Mum suggested that we head down to MBS to watch the Red Lions, Drone display and fireworks.  We parked at Old Airport Road and took the circle line down to MBS.  The crowds were an indication of what was to come.  Crazy crowds even at 4pm.  We first had a nice tea break at TWG then we moved outdoors just in time to catch the red lions descending onto the tarmac.  We got a glimpse of F15 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and the Chinook with the National Flag.  The loud booming of the 21 gun salute followed and then we moved indoors because the rest of the segment would only begin much later. Dad got us dinner at Imperial Treasure while Yang, Mum and I went to Hamleys where I got a present for Caleb.

We went out doors again and by then the crowds had swelled to nearly twice the number in the evening.  We had to eat while seated on the ground and when the fireworks came on it was rather spectacular!  I loved the drones portion too especially the one where they had the Merlion spouting out water.  Looking forward to NDP2018


Two years since the last visit of Cirque Du Soleil and ‘Totem’, dad purchased the tickets to bring the whole family, including Caleb and Mum for the first time.  This weekend was surely an exciting one as I was treated to a good show of acrobatics and performances.  I got to sit with Ben and Pak Mei while Ah gong, Dad, Mum and Yang took the rear seats.  After a quick lunch following GKidz, we picked everyone up on our Mazda and took to Marina Bay area.  Dinner was really late that day but the whole weekend was really fun filled and amazing!


Samuel’s 7th Birthday

Today I celebrate my 7th birthday.  Dad and Mum had arranged for my birthday celebration for nearly a month already.  I really loved Monopoly and Mum had specially purchased or made many things that revolved around the Monopoly theme, from cupcakes to biscuits to flag toppers on my birthday cake to the games.  For the first time in many years, my group of friends whom I invited to my party were not from HGK but from YNPS.  The day started off with my morning at Berries before we headed for Violin lessons.  Mummy stayed behind to manage the various orders of cupcakes and biscuits and together with Aunty Margie, they went to take over the room.  We had a very quick lunch at Benjamin Browns where Dad, Yang and I shared just a portion of beef chunks.

The pre-party started with Pool time with my friends followed by Monopoly games as Dad played the role of Game master assisted by Mum.  What followed next was a whole spread of yummy delicious food and an excellently set up dessert table which Mum lovingly did up.

I got to celebrate with my family and friends.  Apart from the many presents that I got, this also marks my growing up years.  Looking forward to the staycation celebration when i turn 8.

Cohesion – Mac Music School Concert 2017

Cohesion – the Theme for this year’s Mac’s Music School Annual Concert.  My 3rd annual concert and being held at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS.

Dad brought me early in the morning on that Sunday so I had to give GKidz a miss due to rehearsals.  We then headed over to Clementi Mall for lunch, just Dad and I before heading back to YST for my performance.  Mum and Yang arrived later via public transport and I played two pieces with my friends from the Beginner Ensemble – Country Gardens and Autumn (1st movement) by Vivaldi.  I love the performance experience and will continue to learn for as long as my interest take me. Thank you Mum and Dad for exposing me to this instrument.

June Holiday Adventures

We had a very eventful June Holidays. Besides going on a 2 week holiday to Japan, we had the rest of the holidays filled with interesting activities. Look at all the fun we had.