Mother’s Day

This year, we celebrated Mother’s Day with steamboat at home on Saturday and we invited 婆婆 to our place. Then on Sun we celebrated with Pak Mei and Ah Ma as well. After church, we went for lunch at 一点心. We had a lovely lunch and Caleb and I gave roses to all the mummies. After that, Mummy suggested that we had some ice cream – so we treated ourselves to some gelato.

Beyond the meals and celebrations, Yang and I are blessed by the love of mummy and our grandmothers.
Thank God for them.

Safra Punggol

We finally made it here to Safra Punggol on Vesak Day.  Since we were going to 婆婆’s house for lunch, DM thought we might as well check out the place.

Yang loves the water play and after much encouragement, he also tried the smaller slides.  For me, i tried all the slides over and over and i even encouraged Mum to come with me on some.

Great family outing 🙂

Spartan Race 2017

DM are signing me up for more races and today is the first time I’m attempting the Reebok Spartan Race.  We arrived slightly before the reporting time but we were far from the registration point so dad and I had to walk quite a distance.  When we finally got there, I received my spartan headband – 300!! Dad says it reminded him of the Show 300 – THIS IS SPARTA!!!  How apt right?

Well, we met Uncle Timothy and Aunty Cindy together with their 2 children.  Dad said they were from FCBC too and he knew them for many years. My 1km race would require me to cover a total of 10 obstacle courses and while dad ran with me throughout, I had to accomplish each obstacle by myself.  I must say some were really tough and demanding but I managed to overcome them all.  I am an overcomer!


Emma’s Birthday Party

Emma invited me to her birthday party and I was so excited to be part of the celebration.
It was going to be a pool side party so i brought my water toys along. Till now, i can’t really swim on my own and we don’t have a float, so i could only play at the side while my friends played in the water. Nevertheless i had loads of fun. And to top if all off, I had a beautiful piece of cake to end the party.