OCBC Cycle – 18 Nov

OCBC Cycle – Samuel had a wonderful time going on an event that he had been looking forward to for a long time.  The weather forecast wasn’t very optimistic but we prayed and God heard our prayers! He got to cycle on the road for a good 20 minutes all by himself.  My boy is indeed growing up very fast and I’m so proud of him.  Watching him cycle by himself and enjoying himself, learning how to listen to instructions from the marshals was also very encouraging.

Ended the day with a christmas party with PL Friends. Christmas did come early this year.


Run & Raisin 2017

The Giving Family Festival – TCS 2017.  We signed everyone up for Run n Raisin to support Touch Community Services. Samuel and Dad ran the 5km while Mum and I took to the 500m run/walk.  Mummy said she is very proud of me to have gone the whole distance without help.  Samuel went a full 5km with dad, jogging and running the first 2.5km without stopping. I’m so proud of him too!

The next part of the morning was spent having fun on the bumper cars, taking a mini-ferris wheel and even a carousel ride, all in support of TCS.

HGK Graduation

28 Oct

It’s HGK’s graduation ceremony and this will be my last one as well before moving on to Pat’s schoolhouse in 2018.  My classmates and I will be involved in a song and dance item.  It was a good concert and I was glad that the whole family turned up to support me.  Samuel had a good time catching up with his old classmates too.  He was playing catching all around the school.

That evening, we went to Aunty Eileen’s and Uncle Collin’s wedding.  We were all dressed up in our best.  Samuel in his tie and coat, while I had a bow tie.  It was a long and tiring day but I was glad to have my afternoon nap so I could last the evening.  I’m truly a big boy now!

Yang’s 4th Birthday

Yang didn’t get a party with his friends this year, because he thought a school celebration would suffice.

On the weekend of his birthday, we organised a staycation at Resorts World Sentosa to celebrate his birthday with him.  After our usual Sat activities, we drove to RWS and spent the afternoon playing at the pool.   It was lots of fun.

After we checked out, Yang wanted to a ride on the monorail and so we did just that.

mandatory monorail ride

We had a small celebration at Regent hotel with the family.

Happy 4th birthday Yang.  You will always be our little baby.


Just before school started, we bought tickets to the Nutcracker to support Pastor’s show. It was an interesting show with no talking and the show unfolds with music, dance and lots of illusions.  We enjoyed it and after the show, we had the opportunity to take photos with the cast.  Highlight of the day besides the show was our post show treat at the ice cream café nearby. Yummy!!!

Tng Family in the news

Sept marks teacher’s day and this teacher’s day, our family got featured in the news. First, we had an articles on Daddy and his student who shares the same birthday and then we had Ah Gong, Dad and Mum in the Chinese papers; the article featured our family because Ah Gong was in the education service as well.